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I Know a Little About a Lot of Things

Just Enough to Make Me Dangerous

31 January 1986
I LOVE reading fanfiction. It all started when I was in college with the Hardy Boys on fanfiction.net. I have now branched into SUPERNATURAL, the absolute BEST show on TV. I have also ventured into other fandoms such as: The Sentinel, House, CSI, Criminal Minds, and Charmed. But Supernatural remains my favorite. I have also written some fanfic, which I have only posted on fanfiction.net under the name aquariannightsky. Feel free to read if you like. And let me know if you think I should post it here on lj. I've been writing other stuff and I have a notebook full of plot bunnies. I love all fics hurt!limp!or mpreg!Sam/Jared.